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Revising for your FRCS exam is an incredible task which will demand the highest degree of concentration and commitment. As consultants with vast experience of mentoring senior trainees taking the FRCS, we have built the FRCS Companion website to help guide you through to exam day.

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With 30 years combined experience, two expert consultants have carefully constructed the revision material available on FRCS Companion.

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We encourage you to try out our demo questions so you get a feel for the features we have made available; including Images and Scan photos, Full explanations, highlighted key information and more.


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Structured inline with the new SBA only format

Online revision for the FRCS exam

FRCS companion

Written by authors of the leading textbook ‘FRCS: Companion cases for the intercollegiate exam in general surgery' this website is here to help you pass Section 1 of the FRCS exit exam in general surgery. It has been written to maximise your chances of success. The questions have been vetted by experts and scrutinised in detail to ensure they approximate to the real exam as much as possible.

How do we differ from other FRCS revision websites and books?

  • As of January 2021, Section 1 will only contain Single best answer (SBAs) as the intercollegiate board have removed EMQs. Unlike other websites, all the questions on this website are SBAs only.
  • A tutorial on SBA technique – something which other websites do not offer.
  • Answers with links to guidelines and PDFs of key documents such as the BSG guidelines on management of acute pancreatitis.
  • The only website with images which commonly appear in the exam such as CT scans, skin lesions.
  • Complete transparency of authors credentials and credibility.
  • Timed mock test using completely separate questions.
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